I am the mystical


As I sat on the shores watching the mystical beauty, as the dawn shown in its full glory.

I kept wondering why my life keeps wandering. What is it looking for, where will the search end.

Ups And more of down, happiness there but more of sadness. Easy path but more of tough. Is this what that all I have.

As I sat near the shore lost in the beauty, suddenly I could here a fragrant smile. A swift but sweet thumping not from far.

Wondering what is this making me smile, that is when I realized. The glorious mystical dawn has played it’s magic.

Made me realize that I am here, to enjoy the serine beauty. What it means?? Well.. I am the magic, I am the mystical…

10 thoughts on “I am the mystical

  1. Yeah,agreeing with Mrs Ghai,I would love to say that sometimes the materialistic world drains our energy to such an extent that we fail to see the beauty and magic within us!

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