A lovely soul

There is this little girl in my house, running around, smiling all time. “Hi aunty” she keeps repeating everytime I am found.

Mom, dad & uncle all of them work and takes turn to care. Sometimes she cry sometimes she laugh, all I do is smile and hide.

Time will pass her innocence will go, she will be left to face the world on her own. Strange is the oblivion she is into, what to expect when she grows.

Looking at her reminds me of my days, fun and frolic all I cared. Now is a state where I stare, into the blankness of the empty air.

Time is the biggest game, a moment of fame and next it’s shame. Happiness at a time sadness next. Just like the two sides of a little coin.

What can I do is I often think, can I bring the baby within. Nothing to worry and learn to smile, become that lovely soul for a while…


8 thoughts on “A lovely soul

  1. We all have a child within us… which we learnt to shut out as we grew up to be wise and somewhat cynical and practical. I sometimes wonder at the carefree happiness of a child then it dawns on me that somewhere between being a girl and a woman I grew up…. and forgot the child within me…


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