Tough time dont last..

Today I wanted to write my heart’s plight, I am missing my little girl’s naughty smile. Cute little doll with eyes that charm, talking non stop with words new found. Age just four but love to flaunt, with matching clips and shoes with frock.

Handsome little dude, my son so cool. Loves Ben ten at the age of ten. Let me play Pokemon all day, plz no school is what he says. Loves his sister and keeps his cool, until the naughty sis makes him angry dude.

Time is tough, sometime it’s rough. Boundaries of ocean between us. Hugs that I miss, kisses I could wish, but this distance makes it tough. Technology is the saviour at this time, I can at least see them smile, talk and wave hi-bye.

All I got to do is be little patient, believe in words “tough time dont last tough people do”. I will last and time will come, I will have my sweet little ones right next to me then. 

Till then I have you, God Almighty and angels around new. Coz tough time don’t last tough people do.




10 thoughts on “Tough time dont last..

  1. I understand this ache, but in a different context. However, when it’s your children or child you are missing, I’m sure that is a hurt that is quite difficult to manage at times.

    I don’t know your circumstances, but I hope you will be reunited soon. Thank goodness for technology. It is better than nothing!

    I wish you peace as you endure this separation.



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