Fly..says Guardian Angel.

As I was wandering here and there, admiring the beauty every where. Walking past wondering how amazing everything is. Wished I could be one of these.

Came across a mirror, saw something there. But could not understand what was there. Looked familiar but it was not me. Something unique but similar to me.

As I was contemplating what was right, I could here my name called next side. She was seeing me, all through the thin, desperate my expressions all in vein.

Beautiful wings you have dear, she said in a voice all so clear. Don’t be baffled open them high, you are meant to fly and not walk by. Sky is the limit, talent is unlimited, just try my dear and you can fly…

Took one step and opened the wings, felt so thrilled all within..give it a try one more time, you can fly I could here her cry with joy. Now I know what was different, it was the wings I saw but could not understand.

Thank you guardian angel for helping me understand, might not fly high but learned to fly…


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