Expectations… it hurts

Expectation is something which hurts us a lot. I believe the reason behind depression, mood swings and emotional ups and downs is all coz of the silly EXPECTATION, is it not??

I always keep saying I don’t expect anything from anybody, not even from my family. But well who am I fooling, my own self. Because somewhere deep inside my heart without saying I end up having small expectation. Wishing ” he/she could have done this thing for me; could have initiated this” or maybe “I wish someone reads my new blog and give positive feedback” and the list is endless.

These days I am too much into reading of motivational stuff, self development things which says love yourself, expect only from own, don’t think of the past and don’t think about future, Live in the present. To some extent I am motivated.. I feel thrilled, energized and all at great spirit, and all of a sudden when something small like petty thing comes in mind ” he/she could have done this atleast” there goes all high motivation, self understanding.. that small expectation crops in and all motivation is BHOOOOMMMMM!!!!

What do you have to say.. is expecting bad.. I know too much of expectation is wrong..but little.. may be a tiny miny bit.. or not at all.. 😦 

7 thoughts on “Expectations… it hurts

  1. of course the heart loves to get hurt, so matter how hard you hold yourself back that tiny bit of expectation will always refuse to go away. It’s very important to remember that not everyone will go out of their way to satisfy you even you are prepared to do so for them!

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