Today, while crossing the pavement near my office, I stopped by near a fountain. The fountain is beautiful and the water goes up and down at various lengths. I stood there admiring the water and was wondering about the our life..

Is it not like a fountain. Confined limited time (till you live), limited space and in that you have so. many ups and downs. Constantly every other day you have ripples forming. The Ripples in life can be of happiness can bring you sadness.. but it is constantly there till the fountain is running. 

The moment it stops, it becomes silent as if there was nothing in the water. Quite, motionless.. so is life.. Once it stops all the struggle, all the sadness, all the happiness ends… Everything in nature teaches us some or the other thing.. nothing is constant.. ONLY CHANGE is constant.. 

Have a blessed day.. and may you life be full of RIPPLES OF HAPPINESS & LOVE..

SMILE… Life is not constant.. 


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