Beautiful Daughters.


4 year 7 months before, One sunny morning things were so different. People running around, Some having tea some having snacks. Nurses walking around giving the morning dose of medicine to all. Waiting for the doctor to come from their morning rounds and check us all.

All dressed in green, with a drip in hand I was moved near to the OT hall. Time was moving slow that day, seems like time has forgotten its way. I was feeling thirsty and worn,. “NO” said the nurse incharge, not now dear, only after the delivery is all clear. Waiting was getting too long, my patience was sinking to the core.

Finally the moment came, I was taken in. Suddenly the BP dropped, I was cold. Doctor’s gave the anesthesia and I got lost, not a clue what went through. Opened my eyes saw everyone around, my mother in law smiles and says, “She has perfect brows”. All were smiling happily around saying my family completes now.

My little son all so excited, as he remember seeing two little feets during the scan. “Maa can I touch her little feet”, he asked. All I could say with tears in my eyes and a smile -“She is all yours my love for now and for all time.”

Only sister among three brothers (including cousins), she is the gem of all their hearts. Naughtiest to the core and very stubborn. Keeps the family running on toes. Now she is growing day by day. Time will come when she will be gone one day. She makes our family happy now, then she will do that for someone else.

I pray to lord to bless all daughters, as they are the creators of all the mankind. Today our daughter, then wife one day and one day they will have their own daughter to give away. Give them the strength to fight all pain. Make them smile in all tough games. Teach them to never lose hope. As life blooms when they bloom..

Have a beautiful day..


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