सचेतता मे कल्पना (Imagination in Reality)

Few lines, referring to the world of blogging..

सचेतता मे कल्पना

हर जगह अनगिनत लोग होते,
हर देश के हर प्रान्त के होते.
कुछ की बोली हम समझ पाते,
कुछ के हम बोल तक ना पाते.

हर धर्म हर रंग के लोग,
कुछ कल्पना मे जीते कुछ सचेत मे रहते.
हमने अपनी नयी एक दुनिया है बनायीं
काल्पनिक बातों को सचेतता मे पहुँचाई.

खुश है जो ये दुनिया है पाई
विभिन्नता मे भी एकता जो है पाई.

Imagination in Reality

We have different people around,

from different country and region we find.

Some dialects we can understand,

some we can’t even utter a word.

People of every religion, every color.

Some who live in imaginary world and some in reality for ever.

We have made a world of our own,

where imagination is brought to reality and shown.

Happy I am to find this new world

Found unity in diversity here.


7 thoughts on “सचेतता मे कल्पना (Imagination in Reality)

  1. Although I do not understand Hindi, you have brought your magnificent language to my attention…I have discovered it is a beautiful and expressive language.How blessed you are, to speak Hindi. Now I understand why translating to English can be challenging.
    Thank you for sharing, ren

    Liked by 1 person

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