Daily Prompt: Ovation

via Daily Prompt: Ovation

Artist gets a standing ovation, That’s when they know it’s an excellent performance.

Bloggers write their thoughts in words, number of likes and comments are their ovation.

Life bring front many challenges to face and the happiness in the end are the ovation from the God.

18 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Ovation

      1. I thought you are already following but has not visited me and read my blogs.
        Let me tell you one thing provided you take it in good spirit. You make it a point to read, appreciate and comment on other blogger friend’s posts. It shall bring you a lot of satisfaction and happiness and also the same at the other end. Thereby you will find more readers on your blog.
        In regard to the ovation I actually meant you visit and read and contribute your thoughts on the posts. I think this might be the first time I am telling anyone like this. Only because I think I felt you are close.
        It is left to you to respond. Please do not mistake me.

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      2. I have read your blogs.. it just somehow i had not clicked on following..heeheh

        and if i could understand correctly you meant that it is nice that i visit all the readers and comment??? or I should visit is what you say.. I do visit the blogs and yes it gives me immense satisfaction and happiness.. 🙂

        Thank you for your kind gesture and advise.. I really appreciate that.

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      3. Please My Dear I did not say of the follow at all or I said you should read. It is left to one to read and like. There is no compulsion of any kind.I only meant you can be more known to your friends by your visit and showing your presence by your like and comments.
        I am happy you have taken it sportingly.

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