Mai likhti kyon…(Why do I write..)

Mai likhti kyon…

Mai likhna nahi jaanti, par samajhti hu jazbaaton ko. Bolna nahi jaanti par samajhti hu ehsason ko.

Koshish ek choti si ki hai, lafza du un khayalon ko. Har dil may kabhi uthta hoga, kuch mere jaise bhi ye jasbaat to.

Gar likh saki to shayad pa lu, kuch muskurate chehre hazaron may. Kabhi wo bhi kahe “abhi yahi to chal raha tha mere bhi mann may”.

Why do I write..

I don’t know to write, but I know the emotions. I don’t know to speak, but I can understand the feelings.

It’s a small effort to give words to the imagination. Every heart must have felt once atleast my same emotions.

May be I can find, if I write, Some smiling faces among millions. Saying “ah! this is what I was also thinking a while ago”.

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