Guest Post: Shilpa Vineet


Fly high :Shilpa Vineet


Born to fly was in my mind,
“Spread your wings and fly,” I used to hum.
Had beautiful wings but could not fly
It was cropped to stop my flight!

Cats and dogs all around;
To hound my feelings, scare my life.
Snapping on every bit that came,
Still I managed to survive my name.

All I am is what I am,
Full of compassion, hope and love.
Belief is one thing that has never failed,
I can create smiles that will never fade.

One day I will fly; which the time will only show,
I will fly high in sky
That day could be the last…
But one day… I Will fly high.


Our guest today is a writer, a poet, a mother, a wife and a professional (an admin officer). She didn’t have a big dream when she created this blog and started…

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