Khud (Myself)


Aaj saal ka naya din hai aaya, kitna harsh aur ullas hai laaya. Har dil may bus khushiyan ho, prem aur sadbhawna se paripoorn ho.

Gar kathinayion se ho saamna, kshan bhar bhi vichilit na hona. Dar naa ho- bus vishwas ho mann may, “karya aisa nahi koi, jo mai na kar saku is jeevan may”.

Aaye koi aisa pal, dhoond lena “khud” ko tum. Dekh apna pratibimb aaiene may,muskura kar kehna- “kuch bhi kar sakte ho tum”.

Upaaya ye achook hai, maan lo meri tum baat. Har mushkil asaan ho jaye, “khud” par jab ho vishwas. Koi aisa nahi jo rok sake tumko, Tum khud ke rakshak ho aur khud apne ghatak ho.

Ab Iss naye Varsh may aao mile, us naye “khud” se. Jo har pal ho muskurata, aur na dare wo kisi se. Khud ki ek missal banata, ladta har wo mushkil se.

Naye varsh may aao hum mile us naye “khud” se.


Today is the new day of the year, full of happiness and love every where. May the hearts be filled with happiness, full of love and respect for all.

If you ever come across tough time, don’t be shattered even for a while. Don’t be scared, just be sure-“nothing is impossible in this life”.

If you face such a situation, find “Myself” during such moment. See your reflection in the mirror, smile and say “you can do anything my dear.”

Listen to me, trust me for this my friend. Everything will be easy if you believe in that “Myself”. There is no one who can stop you from anything, you are the maker and destroyer of yourself.

So, let’s meet the new “Myself” this year who is smiling and never feared. Leaving a mark with every tough moment faced without fear.

Come let’s meet the new “self


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