एक प्याली चाय (a cup of tea)


एक प्याली चाय कोई मुझे भी पिलाये,
काम तो हम भी बाहर करते है,
नौ नौ घंटे भी करते है |
फिर भी घर पर आकर भी,
एक प्याली चाय को हम भी तरसते है |

किसी दिन सुबह नींद भारी आँखे खोल,
काश हातों में मिलता एक प्याला |
गरम गरम चाय के साथ,
हम भी देखते सुबह का खूबसूरत नज़ारा |

क्या जाता कुछ तुम सीख जाते इस एहसास को समझना,
क्या लड़की हूँ तो चौके में मुझे ही है जाना |

Wish I could get a cup of tea.

I also work outside like you do,

9 hours in a stretch that too.

Still after coming home,

I crave for a cup of hot tea.


Sometime early in the morning,

with those those lazy sleepy eyes,

wish I could get a cup of tea and

I could enjoy the morning beauty.


What will change if you could understand

the little feelings that I feel.

Is it only I have to be in kitchen,

just coz I am a girl of tradition you see.



33 thoughts on “एक प्याली चाय (a cup of tea)

  1. Boys please learn how to make tea😂…..
    Jokes apart….
    I believe that every relationship is important but husband or wife tah umr sath nibhane k liye bne hai…ek dusre ko smjhna chahiye or DUTIES set krne ki bjaye hr kam mey ek dusre ka hath btana chahiye…

    By the way, I don’t know much about this relationship as I’m not married yet 🙈😂..

    Liked by 4 people

      1. Well well well I don’t heed on future problems 😜😜, and the allegations which you labeled against men that they don’t understand their wife is fictitious and fabricated. Else women wouldn’t have been termed as mysterious😜😜
        Jokes apart, a very good poetic expression.

        Liked by 1 person

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