Daily Prompt: Specific

via Daily Prompt: Specific

Let me be specific when I say “what you sow is what you reap, what you think is what you attract”.

Manifestation really works, be specific for what you ask, do no evil, forgive all. Keep your faith in God above, smile often and work your way.. you will get your desired wish.

But be specific in what you ask. Do no evil, smile more if you can and have the faith in God above.

27 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Specific

      1. apne he todte hai humesha, dete hai dard wohi, paraye to jaante tak nahi hum kaun hai kabhi. Apno ke dard ko bana takat dikha tu kya hai unhe.. unki ek ek taklif ko musura kar dhal bana tu unhe.. Such kahu aie dost to kisi se kum nahi.. Dikha unku tu kya hai.. naam bana tu apni..

        U r too good to get sad and demotivated my dear.. just move on.. LIFE ROCKS.. YOU WILL GET THE BEST AS YOU DESERVE THE BEST… just don’t give up hope.. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.. you don’t need anybody’s certification.. not even mine..

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      2. apne rooth kar banaate hai hume faulad. dard may dard nahi khushi ko tu dhoond; sath beete haseen pal ko kar tu yaad, bana jeene ka sabab us pal ko fir bana to naya mukam. Kal dard dene wala jab kahe kaise kiya tumne ye sab. Muskura kar kehna meri jaan tum ne kiya ye sab.. 🙂

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  1. My sister, your words inspire! Here is a poem very similar, I hope it is a blessing to you! God bless!

    ‘Forgive To Have Inner Peace
    There are many alive among
    us who live embracing certain
    unhappiness each day

    They are so full of such
    hatred for another who may
    have hurt them in some way

    They find they can never
    release the pain inflicted
    deep within their lives

    They hold onto that hurt each
    day as they live never letting
    hatreds flame To die

    They want them to suffer much
    each moment of their daily
    lives in many ways

    Only finding in the end the only
    ones who suffer are those whose
    hearts became hatred’s lasting

    Many say by their words they love
    God above all, yet they still allow
    the hurt in their lives to stay

    When there is One who paid the
    ultimate price casting away all
    of hatreds most painful chains

    Many still are turning away from
    the living One who died setting
    all of their lives free one time

    Not ever realizing as hatred
    lives within their consciences
    and hearts its power will never
    let them be

    You can never really be forgiven
    by the One who never a day in His
    life was found to sin

    Unless you open up your hearts,
    spirits, and souls allowing His
    forgiving grace to truly enter in

    When He died upon that old wooden
    Cross, one time for the many sins
    committed by all who live

    What was committed yesterday,
    today, and tomorrow, by His
    selfless sacrifice, and amazing
    grace He did forgive

    It was the greatest gift, the
    purest genuine act of love,
    of forgiveness done in this
    world by anyone

    With that one-act of love He
    sought to teach by His singular
    sacrifice on the cross how true
    healing really begun

    His prayer while dying was Father,
    please, forgive them for they know
    not what they do this day

    While He chose not to condemn us
    for the many sins and the hatred
    that to this day is constantly on

    Reminding what He taught us in His
    spoken word at the Sermon on the
    mount he left to us a genuine

    To finding peace and freedom in
    our lives and how to really make
    that peace in our lives to stay

    Forgiveness is the one special
    key which can really chase hatreds
    ugly spirit away

    Just as He paid the price for a
    debt to God which we humans in our
    lives alone could never repay.

    We must forgive the sins committed
    against us by others and the sins we
    committed against others no matter
    how small or large…alone in prayer
    before Christ in a quiet place, Ask Him.
    He in one act upon the cross, forgave
    us all one time instantly…believing
    in our Lord God can we not also forgive
    doing the same and receive the blessing
    of peace blossoming in our lives as it
    is nurtured by His amazing grace and love.
    Why do we hold onto past baggage when in
    Christ we are born anew, forgiven and set

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