Just a call away

Yesterday I wrote a poem in HINDI.. Ek Awaaz Door.. tried to put an English version of it.. Hope you enjoy reading it.. 

Oh daddy I miss u today,

thinking of all the love and scolds.

Giving into all my wishes,

not letting mom know about it all.

It seemed your life’s sole dream

was to make all my wishes come true.

I still remember that day,

when you bought me a new watch.

You came during the noon from work

 and tied it on my little arms and said

“This is a gift for your hard work my love,  

never let you confidence dwindle ever.”

I was upset one whole day with you,

was wild on mummy too.

You called me out in the evening that day,

gave me the keys to my brand new bike.

and said “You have grown and my bike is small,

you take your little sister and follow me

 and I will take your mom along.

Now you see the world with your new freedom,

I am always right along.”

His face was glittering full of joy,

when I got my new job a little far away.

He said “I always knew my love,

you were never less than anyone else.  

Now it’s time you have to know the world,

make a niche just for yourself.

I may not be next to you,

but I am just a call away from you.

It was the day for me to go;

I was dressed as the bride all in red.

Found him standing helpless and weak,

with hands on his chest and eyes with tears.

looking at me and he said “You have to live a new life from today,  

not with me but with your life partner my dear.

All I pray to the lord this moment,

 is for your happiness and smile my love”

Then he said while seeing me off,

my love you have been my son,

you can do anything in this world.

There is nothing that can ever stop you,

 just believe and keep moving ahead.

I am proud that you are mine,

he will also be one day.

You have been pampered like a princes,

And I know you will pamper your daughter as well.

You can do anything my love,

 no problem can stand in front of you.

Just remember always my dear,

your dad is just a call away.



23 thoughts on “Just a call away

  1. Translation seems to be ok. Reading is smooth. I couldn’t read the original in Hindi. If only Ramananda Sagar had continued with his serial in Hindi instead of Tamil translation, most people in the south would have picked up more Hindi.

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