Man’s Endeavour


Yesterday while reading a spiritual book I came across the above said topic, I kinda liked it and thought of sharing it with you. It is related to something which I mostly believe and talk through my work, about self realization.. it said…

As we all know, four things are common to all the creatures, biz, food, sleep, fear and sexual union. Man is the only creature endowed with special faculty, biz knowledge, with the help of which he can attain God-vision, which is impossible in any other species.

Some say that there is nothing worse than human body which is subject to decay, disease and death. This is true to some extent, but in spite of these drawbacks and defects, the special value of human body is its capacity to acquire knowledge. 

The body should neither be neglected or fondled, but should be properly cared for, just as a traveller on horse-back takes care of his horse on the way, till he reaches his destination and returns home. Thus, the body should ever be used or engaged to attain God-vision or self-realization.

The reason why I shared this is also because, wanted you to know that we as humans have another greater asset of faith and belief. If we believe and wish to make some changes we surely can.. Let’s help, let’s spread love and respect. There is God in every heart. We will be closer to the supreme power if we respect the other human. Change will happen if  We would realize our self worth..

These were just my views coz I believe that change can happen if we believe in it.


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