Maid Servant


A beautiful story depicted from the spiritual books that I am reading:

“One day a man was enjoying his morning nap, he heard a poor girl singing a beautiful song in clear and melodious voice.  the theme of the song was a crimson coloured Sari, how nice it was, how fine was its embroidery, how beautiful were its borders etc.  He liked the song so much that he came out and saw that, it was being sung by a young girl, who was the sister of the servant at his house. The girl was cleaning vessels and had only a torn rag on her person.  On seeing her impoverished condition and her happy temperament the man felt pity for her and gifted the little girl with a brand new, beautiful Sari.  Like a starved person getting delicious dishes to eat, her joy knew no bounds.  Next day she wore the new Sari and out of great joy and merriment, whirled and danced around and played with other girls.  the following day she kept the new Sari in her box at home and came in the old and torn rags but she looked as merry as she was the previous day.  On seeing this the man’s pity transformed into admiration.  He thought the girl being poor, had to wear a torn rag but now she had a new Sari, which she kept for reserve and putting on the old rag, strutted about, showing no trace of sorrow or dejection. Thus, he realized that all our feelings of pain and pleasure depend upon the attitude of our mind.  On thinking deeply over this incident he also realized that a man ought to enjoy whatever God has bestowed on him in the firm conviction that, He besets everything from all sides; and that, whatever is bestowed on him by God must be for his good.”

So, what we should attain from this story is -believe in yourself and the supreme power, the time that you are in right now is momentary. Find happiness around. You always have an option to choose from being happy or sad, to complain or to compliment.

Blessed are those who believe in the supreme power and know that whatever happens, has a reason behind it and it is for sure a good reason.

Keep smiling always.. 🙂



34 thoughts on “Maid Servant

      1. Absolutely! Life throws at us many challenges. Doing our best with a positive attitude immensely helps us . I have seen both kinds of people, ones who react with a happy and positive attitude and ones with so much of negativity. And I surely know which one I want to embrace 😊

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      2. I know happiness is always dependent on us.The story reminds me of my strange behaviour at times.I sometimes stubbornly demand a particular thing from my parents and having got it,my craving ends and I become so satisfied even if I don’t consume it.It is like knowing that I have it makes me more happy than consuming it.How strange we are at times!

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  1. Upr vala sb dekhta hai, sb janta hai, usey pta hai kb kisko kya dena hai, or vo dega bhi, mgr sahi vkt pr, pr insan ko ye baat apne dimag mey bitha leni chahiye ki jitna hai utne mey khush rho, kya pta agle pl zindagi hogi bhi ya nhi…..

    Nice msg…. thank-you for sharing…

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  2. You always have an option to choose from being happy or sad, to complain or to compliment….. exactly… we have a CHOICE.. that’s one key factor we forget and which leads us to self-inflicted misery. man proposes God disposes… if you have faith then why worry… whatever happens happens for good.

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