Traffic signals

via Daily Prompt: Yellow


On the busy running road the signal shows,

Yellow says wait, red say stop and green say rush and go.

Have you ever thought,

of life as road and what could be the signals to make you pause.

Oh my friend listen to my thought,

If you agree then give it shot.

Happy moments make us run,

things move smooth so it’s green.

Sadness and sorrow slows us down,

tells us to think as what went wrong.

That’s the signal of yellow my friend never too late to pause for a second.

Depression and hatred stops everything around,

Makes our mind go crazy and unsound.

That is when it is Red my dear,

To stop and think of what went wrong here.

If you stop when the signal is green,

You will cause the traffic to scream.

So is life my friend O dear,

Move with happiness and love without fear.

Yellow and red gives you moments to think,

Then mend the things and  move with happiness and bliss.

24 thoughts on “Traffic signals

      1. Yesterday I had replied to your comment and had jokingly said that thanks shall be given when you read the post “One Dust Particle” which is on top of my blog at present. Do read and contribute your valued thoughts on that.

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      2. Oh! Since I could not find your like nor a comment on that I had to tell you. What is your reaction on that, would please comment on the post.
        As I know your thoughts shall be profound on that.
        I do not usually ask anyone to do that only to a blogger who has the wavelength to match the post.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Ahaan! I don’t think I am really smart. Maybe innocent as a kid😀.
        I shall if it needs be.
        Thanks Shilpa take your time.
        I am yet to come to your blog as I am travelling shall visit soooooon

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