IBMC #02: Freeze a Foto Challenge

Cuteness spellbound




Little fingers playing with water,

splashing around hitting harder.

Touching the toe and nose was fun,

with sparkling eyes shower time was fun.

Saying rhymes in different sound

it was my routine to get this task done.

Wrapped in the warmth of soft yellow towel,

I bring in my bundle of joy after her shower.

All I say is “Smile my Love” 

she blessed me with cuteness spellbound. 

The second challenge completed: link to challenge. click here



23 thoughts on “IBMC #02: Freeze a Foto Challenge

  1. Oh My God! She is so cute…..
    Sorry Di but iss baar tarif sirf photo ki hogi🙈…..

    Pehli baar kisi ko rota dekh chehra muskuraya hai,
    Aj ek anmol farishta hmari zindagi mey aya hai,
    Dekh kr nanhe hath per hmari ankho ney bhi pani chhlkaya hai,
    Gm nhi kisi baat ka hme to khushi mey rona aya hai,
    Aj duniya ka sbse khubsurat chehra mere hatho mey samaya hai,
    Shukriya ae khuda jo tune iss nachiz pr itna pyar barsaya hai………

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