IBMC #07: The News and Paper Challenge

Bloggers Marathon Challenge 7: click to know more about the challenge

You are required to pick up a news paper article.  Use appropriate reference for the article used. Debate and discuss your view points on the selected article.

Enjoy reading….

Attention Health Conscious people…..



There was a time when something called GYM never existed.. isn’t it??

People used to be so active that for them their daily chores used to be not less than a workout. Today also in places where the reach of modernization is limited, you find people healthy and strong. Why because of the kind of work they do. Drawing water from the well or walking to long distance to get water,  mopping the floor, looking after cattle’s, working in the farmland standing all day long in the sun.  By all this, the body gets the required sunlight, exercise and everything. Am I wrong??

No doubt, with the kind of working hours, the lifestyle, people in cities don’t get time at all or may be for them the priority is different. But imagine a person is at home all day, not doing a single work, have a maid to clean the house, do the dishes and some even have a cook, and then they spend money in GYM. Well, that is their individual outlook. I will not comment about it. 

What I wanted to Inform was the new kind of fitness regime that has come up now. All of us knew that for fitness you can have ” Cardio, Pilates, Yoga, Martial art and even Dance” Now is the new thing “HOLISTIC FITNESS ROUTINE… a way to create a deeper connection with yourself..” wow!!!! amazing..  the article says “it teaches you to listen to your body, mind and spirit and work in tandem with it rather than against it“.  The article is interesting.  But don’t you think if we have a peace of mind (which is rare in today’s time, hahaha), do a little walking, may be a little meditation in the morning, love ourselves more and the surrounding. Plant more trees, mingle with happy people around, spread little happiness.. Will our health body and mind, not be at peace??? Think about it… 



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