Missing: Lost & Not Found!

URGENT: SHARE & HELP US LOCATE Dr Ngobesing Suh Romanus

Please help us to find Dr Ngobesing Suh Romanus, the founder of this website, he published his last post at the beginning of January. since then he is missing from here. not responding to emails also. Is there anyone in Cameroon/Bamenda who would be knowing him? He has never gone missing till now and we hope he is in good health. Repeating here Ranjeeta’s post & call for action. We are grateful for anyone who can help in this search!

5 thoughts on “Missing: Lost & Not Found!

  1. Shilpa and Ranjini I am surprised and stunned to see this post of Ngobesing missing, I cannot believe it to be true. He is one of my earliest friends on WP. We have had great discussions through our posts and he admired my posts always and used to call me Shiva the Great Poet and I used to say Hi! Please let me know the latest developments on this. When he first started his Solidarity Posts I had encouraged him to go ahead and today it has been a big hit of his Blog.
    I kept to calling and repeating his name in my mind and used to feel so Good- Ngobesing Romanus.
    He has been an Inspiration to all who comes his way. I am so sorry to know about this.
    Thanks for sharing it. I just went to Ranjini’s post and have posted the same comment.
    I only hope the BEST for Him.
    Let us pray for Him.


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