Lukewarm Relation


What to write was I thinking and wondering,

Thought the daily prompt could be motivating.

Word lukewarm is what I find,

Making me wonder what to write.

Then I thought nice prompt it is,

Thinking of phases of life as it speaks.

New in romance or marriage if u seek, passion at its peak hot it seems.

Time just flies, together you stay not so hot not so cold

Lukewarm is the stage, romance is silent but not extinct, please.

Years pass, together is boring,

Cold is romance, and everything is monotony.

Do you think life is like that,

Or we can keep the spark till the end all alive.

38 thoughts on “Lukewarm Relation

  1. The daily prompt and wondering what to write and the ideas sparking.. it all has such a realistic sequence and youve beautifully drafted it into a meaningful piece of lovely poetic advice! ❤✌

    Liked by 1 person

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