Dear love,

A beautiful post.. loved each sentences of it. Thought of sharing..


You were just a word for me. A word in the dictionary and a subject unknown.You were just another emotion until you found a face.

That face which I wake up to every morning.That face which when smiles gives me all the happiness of the world.The face,unique and most beautiful of all.The face which I can identify in crowd of millions of people.That face which looks for only me.The face that I want to see throughout my life.

So YESS love, now I know why people write so much about you.Because no matter how much we experience you daily ,you are never enough.Everybody has different definition of you.Everybody craves for you.Everybody wants you.And you know what,everybody needs you.Because you don’t differentiate between rich and poor.Because you don’t sort people into black and white.You are so fair and impartial.

To my face of love,. I am born blessed to have you.Seasons…

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16 thoughts on “Dear love,

  1. Di it was awesome. Unfortunately I can’t like it, I don’t know why.. Please comment on my behalf…

    It was really awesome. And it was the first time that I read something on LOVE, which could really define the REAL LOVE, not only of life partners but every relationship in life….
    Thank-you for sharing….

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  2. There are two fundamental emotions of life – fear and pleasure. Love is the reward of human life and it is laid between fear and pleasure. You have written about face identity visualized every morning, remarkable explanation. I am poor in literature but I like your writing. Thank you very much.

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