New Beginning


Sitting in my office, busy with my typing

A Knock on the door and in walks the boss.

Hi, how you doing was his first line,

Let’s talk for a moment, then was his line.

“We are closing the company, we have no time.”

I said ok, so what’s the next plan.

“The market is bad expense too high

Sorry, but we have to let you go”, is all he says.

“Here’s a draft please sign this

We will give you time till end of March,

Find a job till then, if you can.”

I took the paper signed and gave,

Smiled & said thank you to him, as he left.

Somehow down in my heart

I knew this was coming

Hence it was not a shock

Which makes me go worrying.

If I could find a job till then

Well and good else

back to my country with my kids.

I am sure something good is planned ahead,

Everything that happens, has a reason as it’s said.

I trust the power and believe in smile

It brought me out from the worst of my times.

All I can say is “Thank You, God”

For being with me all time along.

It’s time for a new beginning



48 thoughts on “New Beginning

  1. Sis you deserve more than what you are today, this is the 1st step of your new beginning and i know you are already at the top, because you know when you reach at the top, that’s when the climb begins…
    I like you positive attitude and this incident is just one of the plan of god. keep smiling as you do and look at the sky and tell him… i know its you.. 🙂

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  2. Yes, my little brother.. I know I deserve good.. hehehehe..

    I have my faith intact.. and I have started my initial steps.. rest let’s wait and look forward to what is planned.. whatever it is.. I will welcome it with open hands..and as you said with my BIIIIGGG SMILLEEE.. Thank you for being around..


  3. Cling on to hope and keep working hard -This is not an advice I am giving to you, Ma’am.
    1. You’re already so experienced and mature that a youngster need not tell you this.
    2. These words; only because I feel proud on my fellow bloggers who’s actually implementing these words.
    I just wish best of world to you. ❤

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  4. What a wonderful experience you share with all of us….thank you very much for aiding us, to know that everything does happen for a reason. Enjoy your new journey…..I look forward to your new beginning….hugz, ren

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  5. This extraordinary attitude of yours is what makes you shine among the crowd!Yeah,even I am not sad or have any sympathy for you,because you are made for something much greater than this!The new beginning will definitely open doors for you to create wonders and miracles.Moreover as you believe in God,so there is nothing to fear,for he has already decided something better for you and so it is perfectly going His way!:)

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  6. Oh Shilpa! Well this should not be a news but I feel some Good News is coming your way if not immediately but for sure in the near future.
    I have not put my like here deliberately as at present you are in grieve, which I do not like to see anyone in that condition.
    I Appreciate and Applaud your guts.
    All the Best to You Dear!

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  7. Beautiful! I’ve lost my job like this too. But, it was a different scenario, but similar story. I’ve lost my job without having a second, and here came my rent, bills and car insurance and then, my pockets were empty. I sure was losing my mind. I honestly had a nervous breakdown. But, then, a light has strike though me and said get to your feet, stop crying and do something. Then, I plunge into real estate agent…… the point I want to get into is that, things will have to change in order for you to have other experience. Great post! Thank you for sharing your story. It really reminds me of my past and it actually makes me appreciate the stage of life I am at right now. Thank you!

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