There was this beautiful blog by Kamal Roohani, which I came across and got inspired to write the below few lines. It talked about The FLUTE..

Enjoy reading..

Image result for painting of child playing a flute

एक छोटा सा बांस का टुकड़ा,
होटों से छूते ही ,
कुछ रूहानी सा कर जाए |.
ज़िन्दगी की चाल को एक नए सुर पर ले जाए .
भूल कर सारे गम , उसके सुर मे हम बह जाए .
ज़िन्दगी को एक नयी मकसद नयी दिशा वो दे जाए |


32 thoughts on “बांसुरी

  1. Lovely and awesome words Shilpa and i too will add in Hindi but English Hindi. Two or three stanzas for u “Krishna Bhagwan ke Haath me Joh Bansi Awe, Joh Uski Madhoor Si Awaaz se Gopiya Bhi Jealous Ho Jaye, kyuki flute mei joh jaadu hai woh krishna ko bhaiye and uski meethi awaaz dhoor, dhoor, laiya jaye. ” Let me know how I have written further to your beautiful poem. So beautiful picture too Shilpa. Loved it.

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