A day for Woman

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A woman is one who brings a new life to this world

She is the one who brings love into the family.

With her stupid anger and irritating behaviour

She manages to keep the family together.

She will cook, she will wash, she will clean,

She will tidy the troubles out of your life too.

But then everyone forgets that she has a life too.

She will dress to impress your colleague,

She will behave to respect your family.

She will give away on her wishes to take care of your needs

The needs of her new family would be her goal.

She used to be blunt, she used to have fun

She used to enjoy she used to be stubborn.

Now all she does is remember those moments

Of stubbornness and fun.

Why give respect to women only this one day.

Why can’t she be loved or respected everyday

Why can’t she be appreciated for being your wife,

Being the mother to kids, being more than a daughter to your parents.

She forgets her own parents to care for yours.

Why can’t she be treated with equal dignity and care,

Why women are remembered only this one day.

Every day is a women’s day.

44 thoughts on “A day for Woman

  1. Beautiful composed poem Shilpa and so agree with you that why are we only remembered on Women’s Day and not at all times. I too received a great message today: A strong woman is one who feels deeply and loves fiercely. He tears flow just as abundantly as her laughter. Happy Woman’s day to You dear.

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  2. I agree in Toto. Every day is special, not only for women, but also for every human being. Take on every day as a new beginning, and be kind and compassionate towards one and all 😉Respect for every one every day and not on a single day of the year 😗

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  3. The captions in the image are surely the positive side of a Woman. Being so,I feel the woman is much stronger than Man. She can do all that you said and run this World. She is far superior to Men in all respects. No degrading her please. So let Women learn that she is above Man. She is not equal. What Women are fighting for. She is above.
    My Salutations to the Woman folk.

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  4. My dear friend,

    Thank you so much for your wonderful poems, words and thoughts.
    My name is Didi and in India it means “Elder sister” – but I am a man and love your country very much. Many times I have already travelled to India and my Master is Sant Kirpal Singh Ji. He has also taught to be honest to oneself and others and to God as well – from honesty we can continue our spiritual journey with respect to all people since God is living in us, as His true temple (not made of stones) I have respect for all religions, nations and people all over the world, respect for the plants and animals who are our brothers and sisters in a lower form. The spiritual journey is the journey of the heart – in which learn to understand ourselves and understand the wild horse in us, our mind.

    I am very thankful to your thoughts which I could feel were written by your heart.
    All the best dear friend and good inspirations for your all your further thoughts put into words.

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    1. Dear Didi,
      This WordPress platform have introduced me such wonderful people and soul. Thank you for your time and reading my work and for your blessings and wishes.. I am truly touched..
      Yes I write from my heart..and I too believe in love and respect to be given to EVERYONE..
      The journey to self realization is a long way.. thank you for being a part of my journey called life.. keep in touch and motivating me..

      Love and prayers

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      1. Thanks dear Shilpa 🙂
        Life is a mirror and we are all connected like a collective consciousness – in all our hearts and life is boundless, timeless, is the life of all our lives, is God, is love, is light.

        Thank you so much for your precious words 🙂
        All what is good for your soul

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  5. Lifaafa dekhkar pata chal jata hai ki ander ki cheez kaisi hogi! So i decided to read all your post! My only regret is that why did not i read these posts long ago. You really write very well,Shilpa!
    And i am touched by your khaandani tehjib!
    Have a nice day,Shilpa!

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