Words I lost.

No words I find to write my mind,

Confused and lost I am most of the time.

This is right, that will work,

Kids in here or interview call first!!

Back to India or should I be here,

My mind right now plays tug-of-war.

I want to write but words don’t seem right,

It makes me dwindle between my heart and mind.

At times I am full of confidence like the unshakable mountain

Moments later I act like flowing water.

Deep within I know all will be right,

It’s just that my mind is not by my side.

But as I say we have to believe,

have to have faith in that supreme.

May be now that I have written my heart out,

Fear might fly and will power will stay.


16 thoughts on “Words I lost.

  1. I am still waiting for the ‘words you lost’.
    There’s no lost words, in what you post.

    Love you :D…
    keep that smile shining in your heart,
    which shows upon your face.

    Liked by 1 person

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