Daily Prompt: Abstract

Image result for images of abstract faces


Hues of life is all so vast

Shades of Happiness and hatred you find.

same for love and passion you paint

goes for anger and repugnance, that’s the game.

wonder why I talk confusing like this,

abstract is what life simply is.

How you perceive what you see

The idea or thought is called abstract you see.

Each one of us has our own mind to react,

a man can be hollow all inside but shows the world happy outside

abstract is what and how we see. 

Happiness and hope in sorrow we can find

or can be dubitable and questionable for all our smiles.

36 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Abstract

  1. And in my journey, I have come to believe,
    that life is simply an act.
    An act of consciousness.

    When we walk like a Master, we feel like a Master, we become a Master!

    When the actor plays the role so well, that you feel he is living the part,
    it is because the actor is living the part.
    Life is an act. An act of consciousness.
    My belief :D, shared with you.

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  2. This is beautiful! I am so glad you posted on my blog today. For some reason I have not received your posts in my reader or email notifications. Sometimes that happens. I had wondered where you were! And you were here all along writing some beautiful words. Have a wonderful day.

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    1. Thanks dear… Don’t know not able to write much.. but ya u do read only few blogs whenever I am able to and that includes yours for sure.. so I might have missed on many of ur post as I just read the most recent.. I have to cover up most of them.. will do it soon.

      Hope u taking good care of yourself.. hugs to you.


      1. Oh I completely understand. When a blogger is a writer and also a reader and is following hundreds of people, it is hard to read them all so please, I understand. Best wishes to you!

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