Apology I seek.

Grateful I am to all my friends, Who take some time to read what my heart has to say.

Running I am right now, as you know, with new job in hand and lots to learn.

I want to write, but lost I am with words and time. So much to read what my friends has to say.

I lack my motivation coz their writing motivates me, reading beautiful work is what I miss.

Right now sitting in bus, the only day of my off. On my way to cousin I think of you all.

What best I can do than to seek forgiveness, from each one of you who read and I don’t reciprocate that much.

Wishing the best to each one of you, praying you write and touch each heart as always you have.

Soon will I join back to read and write. Please accept my sincere apologies this time.


33 thoughts on “Apology I seek.

      1. Thank you. I know you have a job in the gulf and you have very limited time at your disposal. I’ll be lucky to get your comments on my posting.


    1. Sir, I missed you sooo much. We have been worried for you. After Ranjita told us that you are not to be seen online, I had searched website and dropped msg on your Camaron Radio stations website as well.. tried calling on the numbers as well. Then she told about the internet problem..
      You inspire us all..

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    1. Hahaha.. it’s not tat love.. it’s so touching that people take time to read what I write and I feel bad that I am not able to read there’s.. that’s all.. I know apology is not required it’s just a way of saying that “I will be back soon.. be with me and keep inspiring me”

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  1. I empathize with you in your lack of ability to read other blog posts.
    I too have fallen behind in the blog world, for other reasons than yours.
    I am now doing what I can to ‘catch up’ with reading other people’s sharings. I will not allow it to be overwhelming, for I do not wear ‘overwhelming’ very good.
    And yet, you not need to seek apology from no body. You must do what is best for you in getting your world back into balance. Trust me when I say, you are not missing any blog posts while you are away…they are all patiently awaiting for your arrival.
    Deep breaths…Smile from your heart as always.
    Take care and stay in good health.
    Love and hugz, ren

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      1. Yes, and you seem to be a part of me now. I am grateful to help lift your spirits during your ‘shift’ in life.
        The blogs you enjoy to read are going no where. They will be patiently awaiting your presence.
        Enjoy life to the fullest!
        Dolphin Grins to ya!

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  2. Mesmerising.
    This is so touching. I mean though I’ve not been following you but still I was able to derive a lot of pleasure from this post.
    I could feel the affection that you have this community. 🤗✌

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    1. Thank u..
      Every individual motivates me. Few months back I had ample time where in I would regularly read post and also write my own.. but lately I am not already to give time.. I just manage to write few lines and respond to the comments I get..

      I appreciate ur time..😊

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