Zindagi ka Safar.. Life’s journey

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Photo by: CreativeSiba

Zindagi ki aseem Sagar Mai behte hum chale Gaye,

Sath chalte Kuch log peeche he reh Gaye.

Udne ke koshish may, fadfadate reh gaye haton ko,

Kuch pankh lagakar humse he door ho Gaye.

Door koone may dikhta tha, mano rahen milengi,

Kyonki aasman dikhta tha Sagar se milti hui

Badte chale gaye hum bhi us rah ki aur,

Par Mila na humko aisi koi Seema mere ai dost.

Kept sailing in the ocean of life,

Leaving behind the people who were with us.

Fluttering my wings to fly high,

Few flew past me high in sky.

Far in the horizon I see the ocean and sky meet,

Desperately I kept moving to reach that site,

But my friend could never find any such place in life…


55 thoughts on “Zindagi ka Safar.. Life’s journey

      1. No problem. It was great to read your posts. I love the way you write, full of simplicity and yet, very effective. I’m sure I’ll learn a lot from you as well as my other writer friends on WordPress!

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  1. ये हमारे ब्लॉग कि पहला weekend पोस्ट हे।।।।
    लास्ट february 2017 Kottayam k ye Tasvir per itni sundor likhawat tatha charcha dekh ke bada achha lagta hey….GREAT LINES

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      1. Agreed – appreciate what we have. I have a lunch-time coming up in 5 minutes – I sure am going to appreciate those sandwiches! 🙂
        Hope you’re as in love with life as you should be. 😉
        Kindness – Robert.

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      2. I find reasons to live my life now.. there was a time when I did not.. bitter truth.. but then we are no one to take away our life, coz lot of other people are also related to us and our presence..

        We should love life it indeed is beautiful

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