Zindagi ka nazariya… Life how you see..

Few words inspired from a heart touching post I came across today.

Something which will change the way you see life


Milti Hai seekh in tasveero se,

Umeed ka daman chodte nahi Hai mushkil may.

Jazbaat Kuch yun bayan Karti Hai sun...
Mile gar Kuch Karam to Khush Hai hum,
warna mehnat se kabhi darte nahi hum.
Bhale tum jaisi kismat paayi nahi hai Maine,
Lekin fir bhi mushkilo sey haar nahi Maani Hai maine

Apne do haat aur us Khuda par vishwas

Ye Zindagi ka Safar huste hue kaat lenge hum

Do waqt ki roti deta gar Khuda Hai,

Tu samjho uska pyaar mujh par bhi gira hai.

Never leave hope, in tough time you face,

This is what these pictures teaches you my friend.

Come listen to what I feel they say…

“If anytime I get help, happy I am,

If not, I don’t fear in slogging hard.

I might not be lucky as you are,

But I don’t give up when it’s tough and hard.

With my two hands and my faith in God,

I’ll face and pass the journey of life with a smile.

If I get a bread even once a day,

He ‘God’ loves me too is what it says.”


18 thoughts on “Zindagi ka nazariya… Life how you see..

    1. You are incredible… I can’t put in words how I am feeling, you actually took time and went through my post.. I am deeply touched..🙏🙏 thank you..

      And thank you for your appreciation, if I am able to touch your heart, the motive of my writing is achieved.. thank u once again.. I am Shilpa..😊

      Liked by 1 person

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