Tough I seem..

My click your story.. Prompt 3


I might seem so small and lonely as I strode,

In the world so big and​ vast.

With Innumerable strokes and tough waves across.

I have my shell to protect me,

I have my spirits to guide me.

Coz if I show that I am weak and fragile,

You just might take me for a ride.


15 thoughts on “Tough I seem..

  1. When we are weak, our source of strength is strong. Only opportunists take advantage of people who appear weak and fragile. Plus, I learned in class, the mere fact that someone can admit to being weak and fragile shows how strong they truly are! I love crabs by the way just not crabby people. Great poem.

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  2. You are strong actually by the fact you’re admitting it. “Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen. – Brene Brown” Remember, you are actually stronger than you think? 😉

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