The Blue Sky Tag

Bright and radiant the sun shines,

Making the sky clear blue and bright.

Hopes are blue sunshine is faith

Giving us a wisdom that darkness never stays.

If I can spread some smile, some positivity and a moment of faith, then I believe I can say that I was able to be the blue sky spreading faith.. this is my interpretation of the given Tag..

This​ beautiful tag was given to me by Shivangi, who herself believe in spreading hope, positivity and love.. her blog multitudeofmythoughts is worth a read.  Though so young herself but her thoughts are profound..  thank you Shivangi of giving me this beautiful tag.

As per rule I am suppose to tag 11 more people but I will go with 4 since I have not read for so many days.. just catching up..

And I have to give 11 questions to the people whom I tag, but I have no other question so may be you all can answer the same questions what Shivangi asked me.. what do you think..

Summary of Rules:

  • Introduce the person who nominated you. 
  • Answer their 11 questions
  • Tag 11 others
  • Ask them your 11 questions

I had promised Shivangi that I will answer her question.. so let me try

1) what does spirituality mean to you? Finding my own self and believing in the existence of that supreme power.

2)If given an opportunity to change something in your past,what would it be? The very reason or cause of my current situation of being away from my kids

3)What is your phobia/fear? Fear of loosing my own confidence and my being. It took me to accept lot of things, which scares me.

4)Do you ever think of writing a book?If yes,then what would it be based on? That I have not thought of.

5)Which is your dream destination? Honestly don’t know. Yet to think about it.

6)Who is that person or thing that melts you down (as in your weakness)? My family

7)Is there any habit or trait that you would like to change in yourself?If yes,then what is it? People say I am very expressive and may be I would like to change it, coz lately my boss finds it tough to cope up with me for this reason.

8)Do you believe in the concept of ‘best friends forever’? True friends are the one who even not in touch every day but the day you meet you don’t have to pretend you are you with them.. so yes I do believe.

9)Is there any goal that you are currently chasing? Yes, to accomplish what I am here in Dubai for and be back with my kids at the earliest.

10)Whom do you ardently admire? My kids..

11)Do you believe in the statement that we are the creators of our own destiny?If yes then to what extent do you think it is true? I think I very much started believing in it. My coming to Dubai and reading so much about law of attraction, destiny etc. and when I sit and think of all the happenings of my life, yes I can say lot of things we attract.. so if we are positive, believe and have faith to an extent we can make good things happen.. IT REALLY DOES WORK..


28 thoughts on “The Blue Sky Tag

  1. Congratulations!!!!! The poem at the beginning was really amazing!
    Thank you sooo very much for tagging me! I am really happy to have been found worthy of it by you. But please forgive me, since I don’t do awards on my blog that I have done before. But still, I’m so glad you tagged me!
    And about your answers, I’m glad that the secret works for you!! Stay positive, be happy!! 🙂
    Have a great day!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. No problem.. just wanted to let you know that your work is liked by me.. this is one of the ways to show appreciation… Not a compulsion to follow.. God bless u.. looking forward to read more of ur post..😊


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