Aaj fir…Today again

Kaafi waqt beet gaye tumse kuch kahe,

Zindagi may kya kya hua kaise ye kahe.

Waqt, lamha, jasba kuch humse aise rootha,

Dhoond paana khud ko mushkil sa hua.

Aaj fir socha bitayen chand lamha tumhare sath,

Shayad mil jaye baton baton may khoya hua “mai” kahi.



It’s been long since we spoke,

What all happened in this time is hard to describe.

Time, moments, feelings seems to leave me just like that,

To find myself again is now a difficult task.

Today again, I thought to spend some time with you,

May be I can find the lost “me” as we talk…


29 thoughts on “Aaj fir…Today again

  1. All is Well! Relax and take a deep breath, you are doing great! These are crazy energetic times we are going through during our shift in consciousness. And guess what? The ‘Light’ is winning and at a very fast pace.
    Smile. Love yourself for who you are and you will find yourself rather quickly. You know what is best for you. All your answers are within. You are not really lost, unless that is what you choose. Hugz to you.

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