Another year

No resolution no big plans,

Only action this time I stand.

Plans in notebook just get hidden,

Hence started my resolution before in hand.

Faith and belief in almighty is I wish,

Happiness and success is in my prayers.

Wishing each one a prosperous year,

Best of luck that your resolutions get completed this year.

Thank you for motivating me throughout my time,

Please be around and guide me through in the coming time.


Thank you almighty.. best wishes and prayers for each one​of you.


13 thoughts on “Another year

  1. You put your words together beautifully! I could feel your heart again. Thank you!
    I have been having the same feelings about ‘things written down, becoming lost/buried/hidden’. Thank you for the inspiration to continue forth by simply knowing/trusting/believing in self. Plans are not needed, not really.
    We are going to have a fantabulous year!
    Bless you…..

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      1. Thank you! Love you too [ I do not really know your name 😦 ] You are a beautiful soul ! You are true in your words. We ARE connected. Everyone IS connected. All is One. Unity…. It is very possible for us to ‘consciously’ meet ‘energetically’ without ever meeting in person.

        . I know you are busy, so I wanted to ‘share’…..
        My son and I did a reenactment of a negative situation that happened to him. He video’ed us and I posted it to my blog. “Wait… What?” I had to play a ”dark” character, yuck! But it helped my son! So it was well worth it……


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