Happy Birthday dear….

Sini Ma’am 🙂

When I first saw you, it was such a pleasure to see you,

A smiling face, a welcoming heart,

A spontaneous spark is what you impart.

Your smartness motivate me to core,

your personality touched my soul.

No nonsense attitude you carry,

But ready to help when its needed.

The sound of your laughter feels like a jingle,

makes our heart smile with a tinkle.

You are the joy of every event and party,

you make the place so fun and lively.

Dedicated to the work, perfection is taken first.

I am glad that I met you,

You brought me back of what I could do.

On this special day of yours, all I have to say is

Thank you for coming across.

Praying with all my heart for your happiness

and success my dear friend Sinimol Vanraj.

21 thoughts on “Happy Birthday dear….

    1. friends are our life line, they are the one with whom you dont have to pretend.. be what you are, isn’t it??? and if this can be expressed in words, which is difficult, is a way to thank them for being a part of our lives..

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