हर दिल में गूंजता है शांत सा कुछ ख्याल ,
लहरों से उठता फिर हो जाता वो शांत |

आज सोचा कुछ लोगों के जस्बात को कलम से उतारूँ,
आज उन शांत दिलों की आवाज़ मैं बन कागज़ पर उतारूँ |

Every heart has a silent emotion,
that makes waves and go silent sometime.
Today I thought of becoming the voice of such emotion
and writing it down for our thoughtful moments.


A simple soul at heart with a passion for creativity and a completely self-made person. Love to see smiling faces all around. Fond of artistic work in all field.
That’s me.

Life never seemed to fulfil my wishes during my childhood times… Trained to be a Bharatanatyam classical dancer, which I had to leave halfway; A proud participant to represent the NCC battalion during 1997 Republic day parade at Delhi, which sparked a small desire to get into defence but that again got snubbed by fate… So, I guessed that life had lots of other plans for me.
I always used to write but never took it that seriously, but with few motivating people around I ventured into the world of blogging. This gives immense happiness, I am able to see and read beautiful work. So taking a dive in the ocean of Blogging.