Another year

No resolution no big plans,

Only action this time I stand.

Plans in notebook just get hidden,

Hence started my resolution before in hand.

Faith and belief in almighty is I wish,

Happiness and success is in my prayers.

Wishing each one a prosperous year,

Best of luck that your resolutions get completed this year.

Thank you for motivating me throughout my time,

Please be around and guide me through in the coming time.


Thank you almighty.. best wishes and prayers for each one​of you.

Kabhi kabhi..

Din guzre raat guzari, pal pal guzarta chala gaya,

Tum sath the ek pal, aaj dhundala sa ehsaas reh gaya.

Aaj bhi khwabon may unn pallon ko jeeti hun,

Kabhi kabhi tumko mai chu leti hun.

Wo naram hont wo garm banhen,

Aaj bhi kabhi kabhi khud ko unme samet leti hun..

One year..

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Exactly an year back Ranjita Di made this blog page for me, thank you Di for bringing me here.

Write my dear let your thoughts get wings and feel, is what she told me.

Initially I wrote everyday letting my thoughts have words that play,

Time flew, versatile and talented people I met through this.

My work was appreciated I was kept on motivated,

With time, things change, so did my life that took a turn.

Writing went backseat, thoughts became less, Lots in mind but no word I could find.

But as said nothing is constant change is prominent,Back on track I am little by little coping with my words,

Putting soul to my thoughts and giving words to my imagination.

Will not let this journey stop now, thank you all for being around.

Words and expression is all I have, to spread some smile and​ reach hearts across miles.


Thank you each one of you for sparing time to go through  my work appreciating and sharing your views

Cheerful expression- Bhavika


Making her​ grandpa proud, spreading smiles with her words so profound.

Blogging is her interest and friends are her strength, Love is what she gets from around.

With words, and expression she pens so well, her word reaches from “Heart to Soul”

A true meaning of her name “An expression of cheerfulness​, worthy” of​ her being.

Bhavika wish you a very happy birthday, it’s a true pleasure to know you.

Prayers and love always for you today and forever my darling my dear.

Mera ehsaas


Kuch to wo ehsaas hai,

Mohabbat meri Kuch khaas hai.

Soya nahi chup hai wo,

Kyonki ab nahi uske wajood may wo baat hai.

Sath rahega mere ta-umra wo,

Kyonki seecha hai pyaar se maine use jo.

Bus khaas hai, bahut khaas hai,

Mohabbat ka wo ehsaas mera bus mere sath hai.