Blogger of the week- puzzles of the soul.

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Learn the method to search the soul,

Divinity, purity little effort is what it ask for.

Not sure what to say and where your heart want to go,

Making your little ​mind bonkers.

Puzzle of souls is answer to all,

Prayers, guides, spirits and almighty talks,

All you find in one place just read the blog.

Nanette is a self made person, a strong lady with full trust in god. Trust ur instinct, believe you can do anything, is what she follows and tach the same

I am so happy that I got to know het and was in a position to introduce her to everyone..

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चालीस की हो चली.. In my 40’s now

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बचप्पन से जवानी, जवानी से ढलती उम्र
आज ज़िन्दगी के दौर मे एक और नया मोड़ |
बचप्पन ने अटखेलिया सिखाई, जवानी ने सिखाया जीना |
आज जिस पड़ाव पर हूँ उम्र के, सीखा मैंने सब्र और प्रेम का नया तराना |

चालीस साल गुज़र गये पता भी ना चला,
आज भी दिल जीता है कभी कभी बचप्पन को वो ही लम्हा |
माँ की नकचढ़ी, सरफिरी बदमाश बेटी थी मैं,
आज सामने मेरे बेटी मेरी करती नखरे हज़ार |

देख कर बढ़ता उसको हरदिन एक अनकहा खौफ उठता मन मै,
रहा होगा यही डर मेरे भी माँ के मन मे |
चालीस की हो चली हूँ फिर भी दिल सोलह: का लगे,
एक बार खुल कर जियूं, ये कहता मेरा मन हर लम्हे |

From childhood to youth, and youth to diminishing age,

Now lies ahead is an all new phase.

learned to be naughty as a child, youthfulness taught me to live my life,

Now is the melody of patience and love, I keep singing all day long.


Passed forty years of my life , never realized how fast they had gone,

My heart still lives the childhood memories whenever it gets a chance of its own.

Mother’s bold, daring and naughty child was I,

Now my daughter shows thousand tantrums that makes me wonder how and why.


Unsaid silent fear I have seeing her grow with each passing year,

My mother might have had the same fear and plight seeing me grow every year.

As I step into my forties I still feel as if I am eighteen,

Wish I could once live my life to the fullest, before it ends just in here.


Thank you so much SIWO for the wonderful birthday wishes.. I am so touched and humbled..





















Light up your heart

I have no words to thank and express or show how touched​ I am with this beautiful gesture of Ngob Sir.. thank u is all I can say..

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Smile, the lovely way
You always smile;
Let your smile
Light up your heart,
As it lights up
The world around;
Let all gloomy thoughts
Go a-running;
As their place is far off
From you;
Let the charm that always
Shines on your face,
Giving light to all,
Light everyone around;
Making our world a sweet
Place for all to enjoy.

This Poem is dedicated to our lovely Shilpa Vineet to light up her day.

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Blogger of the week – Brijkauldiary

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Views are strong, thoughts are bold,

Writing in style with nature in his mind.

Words expressive with mind boggling terms,

Expression of thoughts he uses to full game.

Politics or nature, democracy or love,

Facts and figures, emotions at its best.

Brij Kaul’s diary is a plethora of art,

Take some time to relish that work.

This writer has taken liberty to express his emotions to the fullest, be it politics or to describe nature at its best. Brij Kaul ji has taken all the effort to represent his views logically and emotionally in his blog brijkauldiary, do enjoy his work..

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Blogger of the week – RadhikasReflection

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Image taken from RadhikasReflection blog.

Versatile is her work, amazing is the collection,

Every post every blog is a work of her creation.

No haiku no word prompt is left untried,

She likes to challenge her all time busy mind.

Simple​, yet with intense meaning

she gives life to all the words in her imagination.

Beautiful she is as beautiful her name

Radhikas Reflection is the site name.

I am kinda finding it difficult to represent Radhika coz she has already expressed herself so beautifully tat i am short of words now.

Hope you enjoy reading the blog RadhikasReflection..

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Come hold my hand, let’s walk away,

Lets try to fly in the vast blue sky.

I fear that you will go one day

Leaving me alone with no words to say..

I know all has to go, no one is here for ever,

But till then give me the light, a hope you will be near..

Blogger of the week – Sharing God’s story

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Make me believe that God is there,

make my fear go away.

Let not my faith sink, coz I know he is there,

He is there to hold me, to take care of me, to move me ahead in life.

But surrounded I am with an unknown fear,

A fear which makes my mind and body tear.

I know you exist, I know you care, 

I know you will do what is right when its ‘THE’ time.

But till then show me some light,

guide me through my misty fear.

Today I would like to introduce you to Marshall, who is working hard to keep up with his faith and belief in the existence of the supreme power and more so keeping himself strong with his deteriorating health . Let us join together to make him believe that he is not alone, we all are their praying for him. …

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