Cheerful expression- Bhavika


Making her​ grandpa proud, spreading smiles with her words so profound.

Blogging is her interest and friends are her strength, Love is what she gets from around.

With words, and expression she pens so well, her word reaches from “Heart to Soul”

A true meaning of her name “An expression of cheerfulness​, worthy” of​ her being.

Bhavika wish you a very happy birthday, it’s a true pleasure to know you.

Prayers and love always for you today and forever my darling my dear.

Mera ehsaas


Kuch to wo ehsaas hai,

Mohabbat meri Kuch khaas hai.

Soya nahi chup hai wo,

Kyonki ab nahi uske wajood may wo baat hai.

Sath rahega mere ta-umra wo,

Kyonki seecha hai pyaar se maine use jo.

Bus khaas hai, bahut khaas hai,

Mohabbat ka wo ehsaas mera bus mere sath hai.


Sapna Kuch aisa Mai udu khuli fizaon may,

Pankh laga khushiyon ki chu lun neel gagan ko mai.

Aaj jiya barso baad kuch pal maine aisa bhi,

Bhool gayi thi khud ko mai kuch pal ke liye bus yun he…

Sath ho Haseen doston ka, mekhta bus pyaar ho.

Kya hota gum ye sochna us pal bekaar ho.

Khushkismat hote hai jinke aise dost hon,

Hasne gungunane ka, har pal dete wo bharppor ho.

Friends make life so beautiful

Suraj..”the Sun…”

Happy birthday Dear…

Suraj means the Sun,

Spreading light and happiness to the world

Burning itself and making the surround bright.

You are here to shine like your name define,

Unique and special in your style, you are your friends soul and life.

Praying for your success on this awesome day,

May you spread love and knowledge all through your way.

Happy birthday sunshine.. keep smiling bright..