Zindagi ka nazariya… Life how you see..

Few words inspired from a heart touching post I came across today.

Something which will change the way you see life


Milti Hai seekh in tasveero se,

Umeed ka daman chodte nahi Hai mushkil may.

Jazbaat Kuch yun bayan Karti Hai sun...
Mile gar Kuch Karam to Khush Hai hum,
warna mehnat se kabhi darte nahi hum.
Bhale tum jaisi kismat paayi nahi hai Maine,
Lekin fir bhi mushkilo sey haar nahi Maani Hai maine

Apne do haat aur us Khuda par vishwas

Ye Zindagi ka Safar huste hue kaat lenge hum

Do waqt ki roti deta gar Khuda Hai,

Tu samjho uska pyaar mujh par bhi gira hai.

Never leave hope, in tough time you face,

This is what these pictures teaches you my friend.

Come listen to what I feel they say…

“If anytime I get help, happy I am,

If not, I don’t fear in slogging hard.

I might not be lucky as you are,

But I don’t give up when it’s tough and hard.

With my two hands and my faith in God,

I’ll face and pass the journey of life with a smile.

If I get a bread even once a day,

He ‘God’ loves me too is what it says.”


Six months now.


Six months back, I started writing, Now for time is what I am fighting.

WordPress a wonderful platform, Where you find friends who can reform.

Came to know incredible people, Of different realm, and varied interest.

Fun to read what everyone write, And feel so proud to find so many “likes”.

I could reach so many heart gives a feeling of pleasure I can’t describe.

Thank you to each one, for making the journey till now an incredible one.

Every time I write, everytime I read I discover a new me.

Bojh nahi.. it’s not a weight


Photo prompt 2

Sochte ho tum agar sir pey mere bojh hai,

Dekh meri muskaan ko, kehte ye kuch aur hai.

Kuch door lekar chale hum inko, bharta fir humara peth ye.

Aur jee bhar muskurane ke wajha banta fir ye bojh hai.

If you think, weight is what I carry,

See my sparkling smile, it says a different story.

Walk a few distance with this on head

I get answers to my empty stomach.

Then this weight give me more reasons to smile ahead.

Zindagi ka Safar.. Life’s journey

My click your story.

Photo by: CreativeSiba

Zindagi ki aseem Sagar Mai behte hum chale Gaye,

Sath chalte Kuch log peeche he reh Gaye.

Udne ke koshish may, fadfadate reh gaye haton ko,

Kuch pankh lagakar humse he door ho Gaye.

Door koone may dikhta tha, mano rahen milengi,

Kyonki aasman dikhta tha Sagar se milti hui

Badte chale gaye hum bhi us rah ki aur,

Par Mila na humko aisi koi Seema mere ai dost.

Kept sailing in the ocean of life,

Leaving behind the people who were with us.

Fluttering my wings to fly high,

Few flew past me high in sky.

Far in the horizon I see the ocean and sky meet,

Desperately I kept moving to reach that site,

But my friend could never find any such place in life…

My dream..


The gentle whisper, those caressing hands,

The fragrance I can feel, in every breath of mine.

Calm and quite I look at you, night and day for me is just you.

The gentle smile on your lips, make my knees go week,

The love in your eyes means the world for this life.

As I drift into sleep gazing at you, smiling to glory,

Only to wakeup and know it’s not you it’s my dream about you….

Band ankhen- closed eyes.


Waaqt bewaqt hum unko yaad karte hai

Khamosh ek nagma gungunaya karte hai.

Band aankhon se deedar karte hai unka,

Khuli aankhon se to khwaab toot jaya karte hai.

Time and again I think of you,

Singing silently all along.

With my closed eyes, I see you my love

Coz dreams shatter with open eyes.

Apology I seek.

Grateful I am to all my friends, Who take some time to read what my heart has to say.

Running I am right now, as you know, with new job in hand and lots to learn.

I want to write, but lost I am with words and time. So much to read what my friends has to say.

I lack my motivation coz their writing motivates me, reading beautiful work is what I miss.

Right now sitting in bus, the only day of my off. On my way to cousin I think of you all.

What best I can do than to seek forgiveness, from each one of you who read and I don’t reciprocate that much.

Wishing the best to each one of you, praying you write and touch each heart as always you have.

Soon will I join back to read and write. Please accept my sincere apologies this time.