Happy birthday


A-Z challenge

Humans like him are rare to find,

Humor is his second name.

His sister’s are his weakness he says,

Heart is full of love, and care.

Had I met him in person, I would have showered him with all my love.

Here I am sending love and prayer across through this post,

Happy birthday my Veerey, I am sorry for being late.

Honored I am, for you being a part of my life.

My little brother Daljit





42 thoughts on “Happy birthday

      1. Oooh I thought it was your real bro, he has your looks too.😃
        Wow my Birthday just went by, so I missed it. Just remember”Shiva Ratri” on that day… but the date falls on 10th March. Ahhh I have to wait til next year🤔
        You know I had sent a video for Jacqueline to see, she had inserted it into my Interview Post… I was so embar…….
        Jacqueline is a wonderful woman.
        Shills you need not address as Sir… does that not create a barrier…
        Much Love to You.💟

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