The Exquisite feeling



Bright is the light all around,

New faces new sound.

As I open my tiny eyes,

Glory and marvel is all I find.

Smiling faces, happiness around

Saying something but I can’t make out.

In the midst I heard a jingle

That was a sound which I always found

Giggled, cried, angry, funny sometimes,

But I could recognize that was a similar sound.

The angel she seemed, the savior from the crowd

That was none other but my creator

my MOTHER I found.

Time flew, I grew. Tall as she was I too grew,

But still for her I was the small little girl

Who needed her every time and then.

I would fight argue with her,

As if I was right and she was wrong.

Freedom -as if it was my birthright.

Silently she would let me do,

Praying for my success all day through.

More I realized how are mom’s

When I was about to be a mom.

The pain and love she had for me,

Now I realized what it all meant to be.

The fear and anger, the worry and cry,

The hurt and anguish all that emotions.

I was awestruck and scared to hold

the exquisite and delicate gift now I owe.

For every little angel gifted by god

Is exquisite and glorifying in nature.

And every emotions that moment brings

Are words unsaid and exquisite to feel.


57 thoughts on “The Exquisite feeling

  1. Puchhta tha mai Maa sey kbhi,
    Kya hua jo ho gyi ane mey deri?
    Q krti hai tu meri chinta itni?
    Kya hua jo ho gyi sone mey deri?
    Q krti hai tu meri chinta itni?
    Kya hua jo ho gyi khane mey deri?
    Q krti hai tu meri chinta itni?
    Aj jb behen ko apni beti sa kiya hai pyar,
    To smjh aya ye dastur hai,
    Ye Maa ka nhi, uski Mamta ka kasur hai,
    Jo puchhne pe mere khddi chup nhi, majboor hai,
    Q ki shayed janti vo bhi nhi,
    Q krti hai vo meri chinta itni?
    Ae khuda kya puchhu tujhse,
    Shayed janta tu bhi nhi q krti hai Maa bcho ki chinta itni?…

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  2. A touching poem…I was thinking about my own interaction with my mother, and the strong bond we have. My mother is both my best friend, and at my rebellious times, my worst (and most lovable) enemy 😁..And she always says that I’ll understand her feelings only when I become a mother one day…I guess that’s very true!

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    1. Yes it’s true, when u become a mother you will realize. Till the time I was to get married I thought my mother never cared for me, but then the things changed when I realized what and how she was.. mother’s are the best gift I must say.

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