IBMC #01: Phrase a Paragraph Challenge:

Time to see how creative I can be…While reading the blogs I came across this challenge page, found it to be quite interesting, so thought of trying my hands on it.


Hope you all will enjoy reading my work..To know what this challenge is all about, visit the IBMC Blog.


The Perfect Match:


The first instinct when I thought of perfect match was about the “life partner you have”. Funny but I guess most of us will think of that only. Isn’t it? and honestly, it’s very rare you find a perfect match. It’s like this – you arrange they mess; you hang they break; you request they order, wooo!!! What a match. You say left they go right, grrrrr!! You wait, the make you wait longer, daaahhhh!!! What makes me wonder is do we have anything called a perfect match or is it just in fairytales. Guess you get what is best 😉

What I wanted to Say above is:  you might not find things which are always perfect.  But yes, you come across situation and persons who make you grown and learn. 




20 thoughts on “IBMC #01: Phrase a Paragraph Challenge:

  1. A perfect partner is the one who LOVES you and known to every single way to irritate you just to get your attention…..

    Jaan bujh k tng krne mey mza ata hai…or agr kisi ka bhi partner usey pyar kre or jaan bujh kr tng kre to I think that S/He is the perfect partner…..

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